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Hunyadi castle

Hunyadi Castle stands on a hill near the brook Zlaști. János Hunyadi's father received the estate and the noble title in 1409 from King Zsigmond. Became head of the family in 1420 and voievod of Transylvania in 1441, Hunyadi János turns old stronghold in a beautiful fortress.
From 1956 is under continuous restoration. The entrance is on the south-east. Of the four towers only the one in the northern part retains the original shape. The building from the fortified inside has two floors and arched corridors. In upstairs room lead a spiral staircase.
The Donjon or Ne boisa Tower, located in the far corner of the fortress, probably used as a last refuge or as treasury, survived the fire of 1854. Bastion Capistrano has a vaulted snuggery heatable. Balconies from the creek, adorned with coats of arms are connected by a narrow corridor. Currently, the fortress is a museum.

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