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          Moldovița Monastery is a Romanian Orthodox monastery  situated in Vatra Moldoviței,
 in Suceava County, Moldavia, Romania. 
It was founded as a protective barrier against the Muslim Ottoman conquerors from the East. Moldovița's frescoes were painted by Toma of Suceava in 1537. 
They are filled with yellow accents and are well preserved. The predominantly yellow-and-blue paintings on its exterior represent recurring themes in Christian Orthodox art.
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The International Museum of Hand-painted Eggs
Of all the Romanian customs, the one of hand-painting Easter eggs is by far the craftiest and dearest to Romanians. Best preserved in Bukovina, this custom shows how treasured eggs are and their painting is elevated to the level of art. The oldest and most suggestivewrittn/decorated eggs bear pre-Christian symbols originating from territories inhabited by Hutsuls. In Moldovita - Bukovina, this tradition is at home.
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Mocanita „ Hutulca”- Moldovita- Steam train
A good day starts with a ride with Mocănița- Steam train. The narrow gauge railway from Moldovita was built by a sawmill owner from Munich, called Louis Ortieb, and opened in 1888 for the transport of timber from the woods to the sawmill.
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