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Trainers 2016

Aimée  - Thank you so much for all these amazing opportunities: I’ve had a wonderful time exploring your beautiful country and spending time with golden people. I’ve learnt so much and teaching was such a joy! Thank you for love, light and kindness. God bless, Aimée XX
Thank you very much to everyone who has made the past 3 weeks possible! I have fallen in love with Romania, the people, the food, the language, scenery, etc.  I feel incredibly fortunate to have had this incredible experience. I have felt very supported but have also been twisted with a lot of responsibility. A special thank you to Mihaela for being the kindest, generous and most thoughtful organizer. Lots of love, Safia
ANDREA – English Cool Camp was the highlight of my year! The children were lovely and the trainers were amazing. From the Forest Vampires to the Gangsters and the United Kingdom Illuminati Manele Couch Potatoes, they have all been great! Thank you for all the memories and the experience. Love from Andreea
CHIERA – My time at English Cool Camp has been awesome! I have had the best time teaching my kids. They are the sweetest I would definitely recommend this to everyone interested in  working  with children, the Romanian kids are very loving. I can’t wait to visit Romania again! Will miss all the kids and trainers so much!
To find more about this experience just acces  My summer in Romania or Chiera's summer. Love, Chiera X. 

ELEANOR - This camp exceeded all my expectations. From the people I met to the things I did, it has a profound effect on me. I loved every minute and I will never forget. I learnt so much and I can’t wait to come back! Thank you for the opportunity.
JONAS - This was an experience I will never forget. The children were beyond lovely and I had great fun teaching them. Overall, I have learnt a great deal about Romania and by spending time with the children I have learnt much about myself. If I have the opportunity I will definitely come back for the beautiful scenery, the people and the experience. I loved my time here. Jonas
LAURA C – Thank you for this amazing opportunity, it’s been a brilliant 3 weeks, I’ve made lots of friends and I will be sad to leave. The children have been lovely – very cuddly! The trips around Romania at the weekend were very nice – thank you! I love Romania! Lots of love from Laura C
LAURA M – I have really enjoyed being part of English Cool Camp. I loved working with the Romanian children and found them to be very fun and loving. Thank you for this opportunity. I hope to come back to Romania in the future to explore more of this beautiful country. Laura X
MEGAN – I thoroughly enjoyed my time at English Cool Camp! As my first trip to Romania I feel like I have already experienced so much of Romanian culture through this camp. Thank you so much for the opportunity to work and play here!  I definitely want to visit Romania again and I will miss everyone at English Cool Camp! Love, Megan
MOLLIE -  These have been 3 of the best weeks of my life, I am so glad I get the opportunity to come and teach here. Romania is a beautiful place. I have enjoyed teaching the children very much and it has given me a lot of confidence as I never taught before. I have made lots of friends and I am going to miss everyone very much. I hope to return next year. Lots of love from Mollie
NIAMH - I will cherish the memories I have made at English Cool Camp and feel that I’ve gotten as much out of it as the children did. I really hope to return to continue making great memories, Romania is such a welcoming country and I want to thank all the Romanian who have encouraged me and been super enthusiastic! Thank you! Va iubesc! Love, Niamh (Niv)
STACIE – I have had the best time teaching at “English Cool Camp”. I definitely want to come back to Romania to explore. Thank you so much for this experience X. I will miss everyone. Love, Stacie x.
HOLLIE - This summer I’ve had such a great time here in Romania with all the trainers. I’ve really enjoyed teaching and getting to see the beauties of Romania. Thank you for such a fantastic opportunity – I’d love to come back and do this again. And thank you for your kindness and support. Hollie X
MATTHEW – Dear English Cool Camp family, Thank you for inviting me into your beautiful country. I have hugely enjoyed my time in the English Cool Camp family over the last 3-4 weeks and I am grateful for the opportunity to explore your country, make new friends and return to teaching (with such a loving group of kids as well). I hope to return soon. Best wishes, Matt xo
REBECCA - I’ve had an amazing time at English Cool Camp. I’ve made so many memories learnt lots of new things & made life long friends.
 I’ll miss you all. Rebecca X
SOPHIE - I can’t imagine being better taken-care of. You’ve been so welcoming and supportive and have made this whole trip a pleasure. I loved teaching the kids, and the trips in these last few days have been wonderful. Thank you so much for introducing me to Romania and these wonderful friends. Love, Sophie XXX
NATALIE - English Cool Camp was a perfect introduction to Romania & Teaching for me. I’m so happy I had this opportunity and met everyone I did. I’ll never forget you all and I’ll miss you. Nat xoxo
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